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Advertising through Promodeals

Are you looking for more exposure, more visitors and/or more sales? Promodeals offers cost efficient ways to promote your website, webshop or product(s) through various websites. Discover our services:

  • A perfect platform for exposing products/ campaigns
  • Cost efficient
  • Endless possibilities
  • Personal consultancy
  • Non-committal quotes
  • Various payment methods
  • Customized strategies for optimal results

Endless possibilities

Promodeals offers numerous ways for you to promote your product, website or message through online advertising. It is a great way to attract the extra attention that you are looking for. 

  • Homepage take-overs
  • Visuals, such as banners
  • Sponsored news articles
  • Advertising in newsletters

Methods of payment

  • CPS: cost per sale
  • CPC: cost per click
  • CPM: cost per mille
  • Fixed amount per period of time

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